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What are online casinos?

Online casinos are websites where you can gamble, you can place bets and play virtual games on the Internet.
It’s similar to regular land casinos.
Also Known As: internet casinos, virtual casinos, web-based casinos

Can I play for free in free tournaments?

Yes, you can play for free, you don’t have to deposit to play the free tournaments.

Can I win Cash in the free tournaments?

Yes, you can win real Cash or Bonus Cash, that depends on the the tournament you play.
Bonus Cash you have to wager, Real Cash you can withdrawal.
What about the free Cash some casinos give?

Some casino offer free Cash to try out there games,
you can use this Cash to play with,
there are casinos that give free cash, and others give a free bonus or free spins,

Do I need to sign up to get the free bonus?

Yes you always have to sign up, and give you details,
Always use your own details, if you ever want to withdraw the Cash you earned.

Are my details safe when I sign up at the casinos?

Yes they are safe. it’s in there policy, see the therms and conditions.


Are online casinos safe?

Yes online casinos are safe. ( always look at the list if you are ot sure )

Blacklisted casinos click here

There are Guards who whatch over the casinos, to see if they are honest, and keep there promices, you can always find it only there is a list of fraud casinos

How much to spend?

Don’t spend to much, if you like to play
Set up your budget that you can spend, and keep it that way,
Never go over your budget.

What if I can’t stop gambling?

Then you need help.
You can find help at these websites:

If gambling is a problem click here!

Problems with Gambling,choose your language here!

Is it possible to win a Jackpot online?

Yes, it is possible, you can win a Jackpot online, You have more chance if you play with the highest stakes, If you bet small, your chance to winn a Jackpot is not that Big
TIP: if you can’t spend a lot, play a bit smaller, if you win you can bet higher and higher to try to get a Jackpot